Member of Excellence

The CREW Coastal Virginia Member of Excellence award recognizes a committee member for outstanding efforts and dedicated service. The award commends the service carried out by an individual CREW Coastal Virginia member, thereby reinforcing the importance that CREW Coastal Virginia places on the personal involvement of each member in committee participation. 

Leader of Excellence

The Leader of Excellence award recognizes a chair/co-chair who have exemplified outstanding service and led initiatives to contribute to the improvement and growth of the organization.

The winners of these annual awards are honored at the Holiday Luncheon, held in December.

The Selection Process: There will be one nominee from each committee for the Member of Excellence. Current Board members and committee chairs are not eligible for nomination.The Board of Directors will accept nominations from the committee chairs between October and November. The Board of Directors will select the Leader of Excellence from amongst the committee chairs/co-chairs.

The Selection Criteria: The nominee for each award must have consistently demonstrated support of the mission of CREW Coastal Virginia through attendance and participation in committee meetings, monthly luncheons and special events. The nominee must be an active member in good standing. A member may receive this award only once.

2019 Member of Excellence:

Ann Miller

2019 Leader of Excellence

Kelly Martone

Past Members of Excellence:
2018 - Krista Costa
2016- Elizabeth Chapman
2015- Christine Young
2014- Sheila Wehnes
2013- Emily Hannah
2012- Nancy Dove
2011- Laura Addis
2010- Suzanne Waterfield
2009- Kim Martini
2008- Erin Corrie
2007- Von Gilbreath
2006- Krista Costa

Past Leaders of Excellence
2018 - Cartwright Reilly
2016- Becky Henry